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Dark Waters is available to rent via streaming, or for purchase as a download.

It's £3.50 to rent and £6.00 to download. (other currencies are available).

about dark waters

Dark Waters is an edgy revenge drama shot entirely on location in and around Llangollen. Both violent and tender, it takes the picture postcard image of the town and rips it to shreds.

This film was made after several years of contemplation and conversation as an attempt to prove to ourselves that it was entirely possible to produce a feature length narrative film for no money in Rural North Wales.

By carefully choosing our locations, cast and crew, we were able to accomplish what we set out to do.

Throughout this project we have been consistently lucky in meeting some of the most dedicated people you could hope to have on a film set, and the support of the local community has been overwhelming towards the project. At this point, it's hard to imagine making a film anywhere but Llangollen.

the premiere 

The Premiere of Dark Waters was held during the Llangollen Frnge Festival 2011, Tuesday 19th July.

The attendance was quite simply overwhelming. We completely sold out the venue and received an incredibly positive response from the audience.

Ticket sales from the event has made Dark Waters a profitable independent feature film, and has vindicated all the hard work put ino the film by everyone involved. Every penny we made on the night, and we make from the limited edition dvd is going sraight into the budget of our next film.

The success of Dark Waters so far is allowing us to continue creating independent cinema, please continue to support us if you can.